The ELC Gets an Upgrade

Chris Millington’s passions are people, organizational development, and technology. He believes organizations can only achieve full success by empowering people and giving them the tools needed to succeed. So when he asked the director of the Experiential Learning Center (“ELC”) what he could do to enhance the center, the answer was music to his ears: upgrade the current technology. With a generous donation from Millington, the ELC now has new computers and monitors in each pod and a new webcam in the main conference room.

As a result of his philanthropy, this technology upgrade allows students to now share their work with teammates and easily project their progress on business plans. New computers and monitors were installed in each of the five (5) pods, plus one in each of the two (2) conference rooms. Two pods have monitors mounted on the wall and three were placed on a stand. Each pod now also has a wireless HDMI connection. Charging stations in each pod were installed as well so students can charge their electronics easily without having cords trailing throughout the work space.

Finally, a webcam was purchased in the large conference room so students could virtually connect with experts, other students and clients. The webcam allows for inexpensive, real-time video conferencing with project sponsors that will promote better and more efficient conversations.

The College of Business would like to thank Chris Millington for his generous donation to the ELC which allows students to stay current with new technologies, connect in a more efficient way with their teammates and clients, and be on a level platform with the outside world.

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