Effective Leadership…Lead by Example

The Northern Illinois University MBA program has provided a fast-paced curriculum that positions the students as future leaders. Students are provided the tools, techniques, and dialogue to create a clear leadership path along with an executive view of problem solving, innovation, commitment, civic leadership, and hands-on international business experience.

Our team decided to broaden our understanding of leadership and reach out to Richard Ryan. Having served as an Officer in the U.S. Army and President of a large corporation, Ryan understands first-hand what it takes to be an effective, dynamic leader.

Today, Ryan continues to be a strong leader as he generously dedicates his time and money to philanthropic causes in the Northern Illinois Region. It was no surprise that this benevolence aligns with his number one message that an effective leader leads by example and heart. Here are additional leadership tips we learned:

  • Be flexible and adaptable and always remain in control during stressful situations. The inability to control your temper has derailed too many careers.
  • Leverage connectional intelligence to maximize your growth as a leader. Keep in touch with former colleagues. Check in, show respect, and learn.
  • Develop and motivate new talent by exhibiting a strong work ethic and again ‘lead by example’. Allow them to mirror what’s right through the little things like showing up on time for meetings and treating people with warmth and respect.
  • When you are new to a leadership position, my advice is to exhibit an energetic hard work commitment and humility.

Article written by Class of 2019 NIU Chicago MBA students: Matt Morris, Mike Olson, Yesenia Perez, AJ Sbeih.

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