NIU #DigitalHuskies compete at AMA conference

This year’s annual American Marketing Association (AMA) conference was dedicated to teaching students about how Gen Z is going to transform the business world, and in specific, the world of marketing. The conference was regional and held in Fall 2019 at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Gen Zs are all about having the ability to multi-task. They’re also more entrepreneurial with individualist personalities.  These changes will require marketing organizations to be innovative with how they target and market to this audience.

NIU digital marketing students (#DigitalHuskies) who attended the conference also participated in a regional competition with 30 universities. The universities include institutions from Iowa, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, among others. All competing student teams were required to develop a digital marketing strategy for an organization.

NIU’s Department of Marketing sponsored room accommodations, travel, and registration fees for the participating NIU students. During the student competition, Tyler, Kyle and Sally made excellent contributions and represented the university and the college’s digital marketing program very well. They traveled with their faculty advisor and coach, marketing instructor Samantha Gibson, who is also the director of digital marketing programs in the Department of Marketing.

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