Young alumnus of NIU Business: Zohra Firdose

When Zohra Firdose transferred to NIU in 2017, she was, by her own description, uncertain and lacking in confidence.  

Despite her trepidation, she set a goal to not only become technically proficient in accounting but also to become a self-assured leader. Faculty like Don Tidrick, Natalie Churyk, Ellen Stuart and Brad Cripe were instrumental in helping her work toward that goal, she says. They filled her with a sense of empowerment from the outset.  

Before long, she was seeking out leadership roles, rising through the ranks of the campus chapter of the international accounting honors society, Beta Alpha Psi, where she served as vice president, president-elect, and finally as president. She also became president of the Accounting Leadership and Advisory Council and earned that organization’s Outstanding Service Award. Throughout, she maintained a near-perfect GPA of 3.9 in a program known nationally for its rigor. 

Her accomplishments did not go unnoticed. This past year the Illinois CPA Society selected her for the Advancing Women in Accounting Award and she was named an NIU Outstanding Woman Student.  

More importantly, Zohra feels that she has become the person that she set out to be two years ago. 

reposted from the NIU newsroom – M. De Jean, NIU Business Director of Marketing

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