Students of NIU Business: Abby Price

NIU helped Abby transfer, and now she’s accomplished more than she ever imagined. Abby Price is a recent NIU Business graduate who plans to continue her education in the college’s Global MBA program this fall 2020. We asked Abby why she transferred to NIU, how we played a part in her success and why others should transfer to NIU, too.

Why did you transfer to NIU?

I valued a college education very much because I need it for career advancement in my field. I was very impressed with the NIU College of Business, and everyone told me that they have a great program. When I walked onto campus and saw the business school for the first time, I knew this was the place for me. They are the only business school that makes all their students do an extra program, called Business Passport, which includes going to businesses, listening to companies and so much more. That just sold me because it is very important to me to get some hands-on experience and learn from people who are in my field of interest.

What has NIU done for you?

School was always a struggle for me, and I never thought I could go to a university. NIU helped me to be more confident. I have new goals and dreams because NIU showed me that I can do this, and if you work hard enough, you can make it possible. I loved getting the college experience that I never received in community college. I learned so much about myself.

Why should other students transfer to NIU?

NIU made it very easy for me from day one. They outlined all the classes I needed to take. The advisors seemed like they really cared about me. I felt very prepared because I had a career class that helped me with things like my résumé and my elevator pitch. The College of Business was always encouraging me to get an internship and to talk to companies. At least two companies visit the college every day. It’s a great way for students to network and find a job after graduation.

I love the business college because they do an awesome job getting students involved. When I was at community college, I would go to class and go home. I didn’t want that anymore. One of the best memories at NIU was when my small sorority hosted a 5K for Ronald McDonald Charities. It really did show me that you can do anything if you really want to get it done. That experience was one in a million!

reposted from the NIU home page (1.24.20, M. De Jean, NIU Business Director of Marketing)

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