Bob Rothkopf

Reflections from Bob Rothkopf

It has now been almost 55 years since I set foot on the NIU campus in 1965.  I was newly married at age 20 and we arrived hauling a 4 x 6 U-Haul trailer with all of our worldly possessions.  Eight long years later, I finally completed the second of my degrees from NIU and then began a 45-year successful business career utilizing much of the knowledge I picked up while attending NIU.

Being married at the time and having to work full time wasn’t easy. All I did while during those years was work, go to class and sleep.  I never attended a football game, any other sporting event, homecoming, dances or any other social event.  But I did get what I came for — a pair of degrees from NIU of which I am very proud.

After retiring, I began teaching at NIU and for eight years I taught “Leadership Preparation” at the College of Business. This was the most rewarding job I ever had and I’m thankful to NIU for this opportunity.  I know I have helped several hundred students get to know the “real world” and I still stay in touch with many former students that are now experiencing their own success in the business world.

For the past 15 years, I have also been e-mailing and mentoring students. I am now working with my 15th student this semester.  She is a great student and is going to be very successful when she graduates in another year.  I have never been assigned a “bad” student; they have all been outstanding and this is a credit to NIU.

In my later years of life, I can tell you that I hardly ever miss an NIU football or basketball game as I am trying to make up for all the games not attended as a student. I only wish more students and alums would attend these games.  I can’t wait until we can all watch football games in person.  I also want to say that NIU really needs our help right now with financial support to keep our school successful.

Stay healthy and safe. Continue to find ways to connect with NIU.

Bob Rothkopf
(1967 B.S. Management; 1973 M.S. Management)
Retired CEO and President, Semblex Corporation

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