Students of NIU Business: Isabella Quiroz

Hometown: Plainfield, Illinois.

Major: Double major in Marketing and Hospitality.

What NIU related organizations are you part of? I am currently Vice President of Membership Recruitment for my sorority Alpha Phi. Additionally, I am a member of the NIU College of Business Women’s Leadership Institute.

Tell us your “why” – put another way, what motivates you the most? The thing that motivates me most is simply the idea of continually learning, educating, and bettering myself as well as others. As a member of the college’s Women’s Leadership Institute, I took a strength assessment to learn my top strengths. The list of results includes my love for learning new things — whether it be international history or why yawning is contagious. I strive to be educated in every facet. That’s truly what keeps me passionate and driven towards my goals.

Please describe the most important learning experience you’ve had so far at NIU. The most impactful thing I’ve learned at NIU Business is the idea of putting yourself out there. Growing up, I was always the student who wanted to ask question after question but would never raise my hand. After my first year in the College of Business, almost every professor encouraged us to talk to as many companies representatives as possible when they visited Barsema Hall each week in the atrium. They didn’t say we needed to be perfect or to prepare a perfect resume. Instead, the professors said fail early and learn from those mistakes. Although it’s such a simple and quite obvious lesson, it has impacted me in a such a powerful way.

When you think about your future 10 or more years from now, what does it look like? How do you think you’ll view the world? Ten to 20 years from now, I hope to have experienced the places I’ve dreamed about visiting. Today I don’t know much outside of Illinois, but I hope to have immersed myself in cultures far and wide. Most importantly, whether it be in marketing or hospitality, I want to wake up invigorated to go to work. There’s so much to be done on this earth that’s its pointless for anyone not to be happy with the work they do every day.


interview (and post) by M. De Jean, Director of Marketing

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