Igniting students’ professional resumes

Launched in fall 2018, IGNITE! connects students to local companies, start-ups and non-profit organizations for paid, professional positions during the academic year.  IGNITE! students work up to 20 hours a week for a minimum of $10 per hour with an IGNITE! company. Shawn O’Neill, management student, is one example of the partnership in motion:

“I’m loving it at the Egyptian Theatre! With this huge project going on [renovation], I have been able to apply both what I have learned from my major in Management and my minor in Nonprofit Studies. I have interacted with donors, created strategic plans to improve their membership programs. I have written several different donor letters and emails that have been sent to thousands of people. I have also used excel in sorting data and making sheets to hold donor and donation information. This is an awesome experience and very happy I applied and got the opportunity from IGNITE!”  – Shawn O’Neill – 2020 management student

The influence of our IMPACT Lab is obvious. We have been effective in creating experiences – personalized, active, and immersive – that have been transformative to student learning and career success. With stronger and broader corporate connections, alumni mentorship, and student involvement, we have been supremely successful in securing internships, externships and job opportunities for students.

Do you want to make a difference? Contact Amy Buhrow at abuhrow@niu.edu.

You can now follow the IMPACT Lab on Instagram at niu_business_impact_lab.

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