Dean’s Update

Welcome to summer! The challenges emerging from the pandemic crisis have spurred the thinking of individuals and organizations to rethink strategies. Leaders find it an imperative to re-focus the future. Those that will be successful will lead by shaping the future. An outstanding leader and alum of the Executive MBA program, Ralph de la Vega recently reflected on the topic in his LinkedIn article “Leading effectively despite the unknowns.”

In this vein, our MBA program is designed to develop leaders to re-imagine their future as well as that of organizations that they will lead. An NIU MBA offers an opportunity for professionals the fundamental skills to propel their careers in directions aligned with their aspirations. Our record of phenomenal success is punctuated by graduates rising to the pinnacles of professions as unique as them.

With the new curriculum, NIU’s College of Business has infused curricular and co-curricular experiences in the MBA Program to prepare leaders who can be effective in a range of industries and markets. As the recent crisis highlighted, supply chains are global and managing them effectively is critical. In line with this need, a new course “Global Supply Chain Management“ provides fundamental skills to manage complex global supply chains as well as the risks associated with it. Another course on “Change Management” enhances the skills of individuals to influence, drive and manage change. With a new offering in the MBA program titled “Digital Transformation Strategy,” participants will be ready to  re-imagine business models and tech enabled processes. Just in the last two decades, over half of Fortune 500 firms have been impacted by technological developments and the trend is only likely to accelerate. And our graduates from the MBA program will be at the forefront of leading this change.

Indeed, our graduates have an exceptional record to become trailblazers of companies on the forefront of innovation. They have led programs, people, and innovative projects worldwide. See a partial list of places where our MBA graduates contribute.


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